Why co-operate with OMNIA projekt?

The Czech firm OMNIA projekt is made up of professionals in and planning activities in the area of terrestrial civil engineering and related areas. Its specialisation is the renewal, rehabilitation and adaptation of monuments (chateaus, castles, churches, monasteries, palaces and other important buildings including those that are on the UNESCO cultural heritage list). Apart from monuments we also have a great deal of experience with new constructions and traditional reconstruction – see the references. Now, after the Czech Republic’s entry into the European Union, our firm is ready to offer its experiences to interested parties from other countries and, besides work of the highest quality, our main plus are our competitive prices in the European field. Co-operation with us offers you not only our perfect knowledge of the domestic scene, but also good transport communications to Brno and the head office of our firm, which is on the outskirts of the city on the approach from Vienna (119 km) and also near the Prague – Bratislava motorway.

The relationship between OMNIA projekt and Archatt:

Our design firm arose by completely splitting off the planning section of the firm ARCHATT, s.r.o. Both sister firms continue to co-operate – OMNIA projekt, s.r.o. is the design firm and ARCHATT, s.r.o. the realisation firm.

OMNIA projekt’s characteristics:

Brief description of the firm:

13 years ago in 1991, shortly after the Czech “velvet revolution” architects with knowledge of monuments established the firm OMNIA projekt (formerly Archatt – projekce). During its existence the project team, in the role of consulting engineer, has compiled more than 250 individual project contracts especially in the field of reconstructing monuments. Among the reference projects you will find a number of successfully managed projects for monument reconstruction, extensive new constructions and internal and external technical infrastructures all with budgetary costs above 100 million CZK (= 3 million EURO) at Czech (i.e. fundamentally lower) prices. The engineering activity and investment preparation is a matter of course.
Apart from the civil engineering projects for buildings and their surroundings (communication, engineering networks and so on) the project planning collective also carries out studies and projects for interiors under its own agency.
During its planning activities OMNIA projekt makes full use of the CAD system, digital photography, it aligns and surveys in with its own instruments, drawings and visualisations can be processed on their own modern ancillary instruments, however in reasonable cases the employees are also able to work with classical methods. So far the annual turnover of the design team in design projects is roughly between 2 – 7 million CZK (= 60 – 220 thousand EUROS) in Czech prices. The affordability of the firm’s products is helped by the fact that it does not have an ostentatious building and the majority of the workers have a predilection to their work. The quality of the work can be best seen by looking at the references. Their amount, size and diversity do not require comment.

Dipl.Ing. Vítek Tichý,
Authorised engineer in the field of
terrestrial construction no. 1003933,
Chief executive

Dipl.Arch. Marek Tichý,
Chartered surveyor for the renewal and restoration of
buildings and their elements and for artistic crafts no. 3993,
Main architect

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